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About Us

Sandy Wilkinson is a Clinical Psychologist, and the Founder and Principal Psychologist at Best Assessed.  She graduated from the University of Natal (South Africa) with a Master of Psychology in 1996, and has worked in Private Practice ever since. Given her passion for undertaking assessments, and helping clients improve learning and behavioural outcomes, Sandy works exclusively undertaking assessments.

Sandy brings with her a wealth of experience.  Since starting her first practice in 1997, she has worked with children and teenagers with a wide range of developmental, emotional, behavioural, social and learning difficulties.  Her many years of experience have provided her with a deep understanding of all the factors that impact on an individual's development, behaviour, and learning, and has made her an excellent diagnostician.

Sandy has a unique ability to connect with children and teenagers, and through her warm, non-judgmental approach is able to quickly put her clients at ease.  


Sandy is endorsed by the Australian Psychology Board as a Clinical Psychologist and is approved by the Australian Psychology Board to supervise the practice of other psychologists.  

Sandy Wilkinson Clinical Psychologist

Sandy Wilkinson M.Psych, B.A. (Hons)

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